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*Terms and Conditions: Parking Fees will grant you the license to park in the White Lot at the Bridgewater Transit Stop for the purposes of commuting on NJ Transit. This is a self-park facility. Any car parked at this facility is at the automobile owner’s sole risk. The automobile owner alone is responsible for parking and locking the car and displaying your official hang tag in your window after it is issued. This facility operator or the property owners are not responsible for any liability caused by weather, fire, theft, fireworks, casualty, loss of vehicle, or other cause whatsoever with respect to automobiles, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. By parking your vehicle in the lot, you acknowledge having read this contract and agree to be bonded by its terms. Start date of your parking pass will begin on the date that your order form is received and you receive your permanent hang tag for your vehicle and will end according to the term that you selected to sign up for above. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ISSUED ON PURCHASED PERMITS. PERMITS DO NOT ALLOW FOR PARKING IN ANY OTHER LOTS ON THE TD BANK BALLPARK PROPERTY.