Lot Rates
Daily Parking Rates $4.00/per day
Quarterly Parking Permit
Half Year Parking Permit $275.00
Full Year Parking Permit $500.00

To purchase daily parking, please take note of the spot you are parked in.  You may pay via the pay station near the steps to the train platform by entering your spot number and the amount of days you wish to park.  Cash and Credit Card Payments are accepted at the pay station. You may also download the Park Mobile App for your smart phone running IOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry or register to park via phone at (877)-727-5304.  Sign up one time for an account and you may now pay right from your smart phone.  Our Zone number for the Park Mobile App is 1601.  For more information about Park Mobile, please visit their website at www.parkmobile.com. Your daily parking expires at 11:59 PM on the day that you park

Please note: Over Overnight Parking is permitted. To park overnight and into the next day, you will need to pay for 2 days of parking as parking expires at 11:59 PM each calendar day. The Park Mobile App also gives you the flexibility to extend your parking stay right from your smart phone if you need to stay at your destination longer than expected.
How to Purchase a Parking Permit

How to Purchase a Parking Permit for the White Lot at the Bridgewater Transit Stop: Daily Passes can only be purchased on site. The parking machines in the lot accept cash and credit cards. When you park, please remember the spot number that you park in. When you pay at the machine, you will need to enter that spot number into the machine.

Quarterly, Half, and Full Year parking permits may be purchased by downloading your order form or using our Renew or Order Online link at the top of this page. If you are using the downloadable form, you may mail in the form with a check made payable to WLABT LLC, fax it in with your credit card number or drop it off in person to the Somerset Patriots Box Office during normal business hours Monday - Friday From 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. In both cases, you will receive a hang tag to display in your windshield. Hang tags generally arrive within the five business days. Until you get your hang tag, you may display the receipt or temporary email invoice that you receive from us to show proof of payment and to avoid violation notices.

Parking permit Terms and Conditions:
Fees will grant you the license to park in the White Lot at the Bridgewater Transit Stop for the purposes of commuting on NJ Transit. This is a self-park facility. Any car parked at this facility is at the automobile owner's sole risk. The automobile owner alone is responsible for parking and locking the car and displaying your official hang tag in your window after it is issued. This facility operator or the property owners are not responsible for any liability caused by weather, fire, theft, fireworks, casualty, loss of vehicle, or other cause whatsoever with respect to automobiles, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. By parking your vehicle in the lot, you acknowledge having read this contract and agree to be bonded by its terms. Start date of your parking pass will begin on the date that your order form is received and you receive your permanent hang tag for your vehicle and will end according to the term that you selected to sign up for above. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ISSUED ON PURCHASED PERMITS OR DAILY PARKING PASSES. PERMITS DO NOT ALLOW FOR PARKING IN ANY OTHER LOTS ON THE TD BANK BALLPARK PROPERTY.